About Us

Our Story 

Bal Candles, LLC was founded in 2020 in Atlanta, GA. The company was created after combining a hobby with a need that I was beginning to recognize within my self and others around me. I was beginning to see how much my mental health and wellness was being neglected and negatively impacted after a series of life events. I found myself in a space of hopelessness, uncertainty, and depression; one where I was completely disconnected from the person I knew I was on the inside.  

One of the things I noticed at the time is I would spend so much money buying candles. I would always buy candles just to find the time to light them and find stillness in my mind. It was my way of creating peace and a sense of comfort in my home. Lighting the candles would remind me of my favorite memories--whether is was a favorite food, favorite familiar smell, or favorite place to travel. Once I realized how much I was using candles to help me through my mental needs, the idea of starting a business was planted in my mind.

I made a commitment to myself that I would stop spending so much money buying candles. Instead, I would have to learn how to create them. I also had a desire to find a way to inspire people to help them through their darkest times and inspire them to make a positive impact in someone else's life. I knew how important candles had been for me finding my peace of mind, and I wanted to find a way to share that with others.

Bal is born.

After going back and forth with a list of different names and acronyms and trying to find the right fit for my company, it finally clicked one day. I decided to use the letters "b a l" to encourage people to "become a light" in someone else's world. No matter how small or big the gesture may be. Bal Candles serves as a reminder of the impact these things can have on your personal life and someone else's life. 

Bal is more than a candle.

Our mission is to improve and encourage healing of the psychological state of individuals by positively impacting their mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health. We promote positivity amongst individuals, participation of self-care routines, self-development, overcoming life challenges, and volunteer engagement within communities.

We use aromatically pleasing products combined with transparent life messages, relatable stories, motivating messages, and empowerment wellness workshops to inspire individuals to “become a light.” This figuratively speaks to the illumination of the light that’s within individuals to uplift themselves, focus on self-love and care, spread positivity and help those in need within their communities.

Bal is an experience.

So, when you see our name " b a l " , may it encourage you to " become a light "  because someone in the world needs you.